[ROG Phone II] How do I mount the AeroActive Cooler II onto the ROG Phone II? How do I change the...

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Mounting the AeroActive Cooler II:
1. Place the ROG Phone II in landscape orientation, with the power button facing upward.
2. Pull up the AeroActive Cooler II's latch.

3. Insert the protruding port at the bottom of the AeroActive Cooler II into the side-mount port of the ROG Phone II, then push the top of the AeroActive Cooler II down for it to be securely attached onto the phone.

How it looks when done:

Changing fan speed:

After you have attached the AeroActive Cooler II to your phone, launch Armoury Crate > Console > scroll down to find Fan speed > Uncheck Auto > slide the bar between Low and High to set your desired fan speed.

Note: This knowledge is currently only applicable for ROG Phone II. Please stay tuned for further updates on our Official Website.


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