After update 194

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No major improvement in auto rotation.. It still feels same. Although this update was for auto rotation... Can't we optimize auto rotation for apps.. Like who wants landscape in calling app?? In my last mi phone i never had this issue... I guess they were using same idea.. Generally we use auto rotation in video app like youtube and Netflix etc... In these apps wanted to see landscape while watching video and wanted portrait mode while surfing.. So we can optimize auto rotation for this.. These are my thoughts.. Rest of the things u know better as you are experts in your field..


  • for me rotation is fine, even youtube and other things work great

  • What was the problem before??

    For me in auto rotation problem is it rotates when ever i did want it to be rotated (when the auto rotation is on).. Like when it rotates in calling app or in Whatsaap.. I don't want to rotate the screen when I use calling app or when I m in Whatsaap or when I m in instagram..these apps are meant to be used in portrait mode only.. Otherwise experience of using it will ruin.. So facility of auto rotation should be given only in app where it requires (video and gaming apps)

  • it jst solved a animation bug while doing rotation

  • After the update the rotation bug is removed for me and i want to ask the dev was it too hard give security update with this update don't get me wrong i like the fact that dev team is doing update fixing the bugs but a security update would just complete the process for this month.

  • @Shivendra what was the for you in auto rotation before the update?

  • Ya i know that.. That manual rotation button is good... But do it manually can never replace comfort of auto rotation.. Plus this manual rotation is kind of biggie.. Sometimes it doesn't appear...

  • If you cant fix auto rotate atleast give us option in auto rotate in which app we want it and in which app we don't want auto rotate. Cause manual button only pop when it is portrait mode and can be changed in landscape.. It doesn't appear vice versa easily..

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