Lag of audio through bluetooth headset while playing games in Asus 5Z

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Recently i came to notice that when ever I am using wireless headsets the audio lag 1-2 seconds but i never noticed while playing music or streaming video. So Asus please fix this in next update or on Android Q update


  • Its not the phone's problem every Bluetooth earphones/headphones having latency issue except some expensive headphones. So use wired earphones while playing games

  • I have checked with other phones they don't have any issue even Asus 6Z didn't have issue only 5Z had that latency issue that is also only while gaming other mobiles didn't have this issue i checked with realme wireless buds and boat headset which are available to me so if you have other devices check if their is any latency check with bluetooth 5.0 supported devices

  • Yes I also face this problem

  • I m using one plus bullet wireless 2 which supports APTX HD than also there is a delay in sound. Is there any solution for this.

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