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  • Hi all,

    Im using a Tencent Version which I flashed to Global Rom and noticed how drastic my battery life has become. I do not think this is normal,even yesterday,my phone is capable on handling 20 hours as im a lite user (Casual whatsapp/email/e-commerce shopping/Spotify)

    What is going on??

  • Even i am facing the same issue with rog phone 2.. i have noticed that after i updated my phone to android 10 . I have started facing issue like battery drainage , heating problems, and charging issue .. and phone doesn't even last for 6 hours now.. but before the update of android 10 my used to last for 14 to 16 hours even after playing pubg onmy phone.. it's really irritating now please give a update on battery issue and heating problems asap.

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    Update to latest version of A10! Big improvement.

  • I have done that and after the update of A10 i am facing the issue.. please send us update for the batter backup.. U guys need to take this seriously.. i dont understand why u guys are not understanding the problems and not giving a proper solution for the same.

  • After the latest update there is a huge battery improvement . Idk why some devices still have that problems.

    Maybe there is some apps using more battery.

    Trust me I only reply honestly there is a huge improvement in battery in past I used to get 7-8 hrs of chrome screen on time after the update it's has gone upto 10-11 hrs screen on time using chrome.

  • I can share my battery performance for this 2nd update. It is much better than the 1st release of A10 yet still behind A9 (perhaps need lot of calibration).

    I am using this screen 9 hours almost non stop by reading Manga on Opera dan Vivaldi. I don't use powersave mode.

    I'm pretty sure that the were several apps caused the battery drain for your case. Perhaps you can start it from re-install FB, Instagram or any resource hungry app in background. You should use the accubattery to detect this rogue app.

    Here's my 1st performance after update to 2002.32 from A9 (manual update not from FOTA).

    The drain around 1.5% - 1.2% without powersave mode and around 0.9% - 1% under powersave mode (when I left the phone to sleep as you can see the clock).

    My activites were video call on WhatsApp for 1 hours and read manga for rest of the time.

    I can say that this is a great achievement.

    Keep up the good work there Dev team! @Anders_ASUS

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    Be optimistic bruh

    This was the first update after stable A10 update and it seems to have improved performance and battery optimisation

    Future updates will further refine system stability :)

  • First of all, restart your device. It solves a lot of issues. Your phone will work better if you restart it once per week.

    Second, go to system settings -> battery -> powermaster -> auto-start manager and prevent all the apps to auto start that you don't need a notification from.

    After this go to system settings -> advanced -> Mobile Manager -> Memory cleaner -> Turn on Super Clean mode -> enter app list and uncheck any app that you must get notifications from -> go back -> open recent apps overview and press clear all.

    Restart your phone. 

    If you notice that you battery life has improved, then you have a battery draining app among the apps that are no longer allowed to start by themselves.

    If the tricks above do not work, then please put your phone in flight mode when you go to bed. If you have lost more than a couple of percent after 8h sleep, then there might be a bug in the system that we have to investigate.

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    I'll give this a go but i'm super skeptical as i've already spent at least 15-20hrs solid locking down and removing apps so far. I've managed to improve the battery life but every now and then i check my phone and it has gone crazy and started draining and overheating. When i do manage to mail down the app it's "googles framework" play services, location, updates, etc.. Can't turn it off unless the phone is off. It's also random, doesn't do it ever hr or day at same time. I timed it. My best guess at this is some poor code written in the google framework that somehow loops it self to infinity and burns your battery to the ground..

  • Hi, I'm a marketing staff at Asus store. I see on this topic, many users complain about the durability of the battery. I want to offer you one thing, how about if you switch to our Asus ROG Phone 3? This is our latest ROG series phone, which should solve all your problems.

    Thank you

  • Unironically this is exactly what they want us to do.

  • Ohh we need a swap now, are you ready for it or just dnt want to give us your store adress now😂

  • Can you turn off Google Play Store and Google Play services?


  • Wait on next week, fix is coming its just waiting on CTS.

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