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  • Hi,

    I am really excited to get the ASUS ROG Phone 2, but a bit disappeared due to battery performance as I was expecting more. Sometimes feels like it has only 3000 mAh battery.

    Please try fixing the battery issues and work on your updates to keep faith of ASUS users unshaken as OnePlus does. I really like to use something new rather than going for Traditional devices like Apple, Samsung and OnePlus. Also, I am a huge fan of ROG devices.

    I hope ASUS will do some magic for its customers and make us believe ASUS more than before.



  • Hey guys,

    Did not have any battery issues until I updated to .64 I'm seeing a relatively high android UI use. I tried a factory reset but it did not help. It seems like it's using a lot more power when not in use then before. Does anyone have any ideas on how to locate the problem?

  • I was sleeping a decent amount of time on this graph. The phone was not being used in that time. It seems to be using equally as much power when in use as when not in use. Before the update when not in use the line was almost horizontal.

  • Nvm fixed the issue^

  • Flashed a RAW .64 firmware and did a factory reset after that. Battery performance is now perfect again.

  • Search the XDA ROG forums for a walkthrough on how to flash with RAW files. I think there are also some walkthroughs on YouTube for the ROG phone

  • Now, which is or are the benefits in flashing the phone?

  • Apart from fixing my specific issue there are no benefits.

  • And you knew beforehand it was going to fix it or you were just trying your options?

  • Just trying my options. Already did a normal factory reset and that did not help or i did something wrong. So this was my next option.

  • Armoury crate also uses too much battery , is it normal or not?

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    Lmao don't entirely trust those stats (play services indeed takes up some battery but not 45% that seems like a bug with sot or something)

    Plus it can can optimised in future updates

    (Watch out for android 10)

    Btw if someone's flashing something LOS is a good choice (standby drain is good)

    LOS 17 should be here soon

    So back to the point again Sot is affected by a variety of factors (bad optimisation is one of those factors)

    But in 120hz a 6k mah battery should last about 8-10hrs (moderate usage)

    Brightness and network stability is a major factor too

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    I have no problems with battery time.

  • To those whom have no problem whatsoever with your battery: what's your daily usage like?

    i have a problem with my battery drain, and sometimes it came from when im just browsing on chrome or watching youtube. it drains like im playing a moderate game. instead when im playing heavy games like pubg the battery drain is more considerable.

    if by "daily use" you mean 6hrs of the phone just sitting ducks and maybe 1 or 2 hrs of browsing/streaming per day, then maybe i dont have problems after all.

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    I am one of those praising the battery life. I have no apps draining battery. When using phone only for work (calls, messaging, emails, maps, office, camera, browsing for info, car's hands free over BT, and no YouTube, music, gaming or any intensive activity) I can finish my day with 60% battery left. If I include playing Asphalt for several hours, watching YouTube, Google music and so on, I can arrive to 10 or 11 pm with battery around 10%. My charging is scheduled from 23:00 to 08:00 the next morning.

  • Hello I also have a battery issue as well, Google play services also draining my battery second most, screen on time is 1st. Also in accubatfery app it shows as 5543 mah capacity. This phone is brand new less than one month old. When I bought more 10 plus after one month it was still 99 percent. I had red magic 3. 855 snapdragon. 8gb ram.128gb of storage. 5000mah battery. And it was better than this one. Maybe 30 minutes better. Not happy with battery will likely sell phone and get OnePlus 7 pro. Not good battery either but I enjoy interphase more.

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    Please I have same issue in battery on rog 2 ultimate edition every 5mins battery drain..

    even in low brightness and xmode is off running in 60hertz..

    I turn off my cp for 11hrs and open it again and play some games and still the same.. I don't feel 6kmah... Please make some update about this issue.. this phone is been already for replacement and still the same issue

    This now the latest

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