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  • I wanted to chime in on this issue as well. I've had this phone since the end of September and haven't had any issues with the battery until the last two weeks. I don't really play games on it and the haven't installed any new apps. I've even switched over to the Google play services beta and still getting bad performance. Used to finish the day with 65% remaining. Now, I'll be lucky enough to have 30% left before the end of the day. This is how much percentage I've lost so far after taking it off the charger. Haven't even used anything long enough to have this much drain.

  • Just a quick update on this issue. Woke up this morning and the phone was completely off. I didn't turn it off at all. Thought the battery had died overnight or something because it wasn't responding to power button presses. I plugged it in and still nothing. It was only after I held the power button and the volume down button that the phone showed life. Upon startup, it was still at 54% battery so I'm not sure what that was all about. However, it also had a system update waiting once it powered back on. Installed, charged the phone up to 100%, and waiting to see if that did anything. The reason I'm bringing all this up is because it seems like it may have done something. Phone has been on battery over 2 hours and still at 97%

    I also never uninstalled any apps or added anything new.

  • Same issue with Google Play services. Fix this.

  • Same issue. Fix this.

  • For Google Play Services, the issue is more with the app itself than the Phone or software. People have been recommending to join the Beta of GPS as a temp fix. Try that.

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    i can't complain at all on this topic, i'm comming back from an iphone 6plus and the battery didn't even last a full day with a normal usage. The ROG II lasts easily 3 days with the same usage. So i don't know what you guys are complaining about

  • Most Google play service issues is due to the app it self amd not ASUS. Clear data /catchof Gservice, join beta, turn of Google assistant voice trigger is some of the common fixes. There's some other app use Gservices too and will show up as Gservice using battery (waze, gps location....). Also make sure you are not using crossed firmware CN phone on WW rom, those are also has alot of reported for gservice, calling and wifi issues . DRM info app will tell you which market your phone is for and just update the latest rom for that market to see if problem is solved.

  • I never had any issues with play services on my phone, I live in Europe and most of the people complaining are from India, maybe this is a region problem.

  • There is a huge battery drain after the last update. I wish i didn't update my phone

  • No problems for me after the last update, or any update before that. At the end of the day, i'm seeing no more than 5% Google Play Services usage and easily 5hrs SOT down to 65%.. Maybe you guys need to be more vigilant on what you use - eg GPS chews power, and also leaving wifi on (even if you're in a an area where you're using 4G, turn off Wifi as its constantly searching and also using Carrier Services.)..

  • Just curious what happens if we turn off carrier services.?

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    I have to say I agree with this topic, my phone certainly doesn't feel like it has a 6000mAh battery under the hood.

    I've haven't played any games, just reading Flipboard for a while in a dark room and it says I have 21hrs left of juice

    edit i do have power saving mode on also :/

  • U should not trust the left hour stats. Its just give u a forecast base on ur current usage. I believe u can get 2days of battery without charge. Rule of thumb, from 100% to 90% or any other 10% drop of battery at any current battery level,u should get at least 1hr SOT per 10% that u can get overall SOT of 10hr. I can simply get 2hr per 10% drop if im not doing something heavy. With that 11hr of SOT is confirmed .

  • I turned it problem. Mybe it lil help me improve my SOT.slightly but i cant guarantee. The carrier service is kind of setting inside the google SMS app which will help enable those carrier that are not suppport app like WhatsApp to be like a WhatsApp

  • I really don't know what are you talking about guys, I have the latest WW version and the battery life on this is freaking awesome! I end the day with 40-50% left. I use it always on the 120hz refresh rate, which should drain the battery faster... But look at my battery on very late hour:

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    Same here battery life is amazing. After a whole day on business trip, doing regular staff and not playing games, battery was 70%

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    My battery time is great.i use to charge it to 100% once a month and then turn it off for a minute,if it show 100% when i startup its calibrated.if it shows less then 100% i use to connect the charger again so it reaches 100%.

    i stop charging at 80% all the time to prolong the life of the battery.

  • Well i have purches the phone 1 week back. I am only facing one problem. While charging it's heating i don't know why. I habe checked all the methods of above mentioned test but still it's the same. So anyone can tell me is it with only me or others are also facing the same.

  • I also have the play services drain. I don't remember when it started happening but I definitely didnt have as high a drain as when I first got the phone. Still last a whole day, but just not as much juice as I use to have. Also, the GOS beta version didn't help.

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