App lock & file safe feature

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Basically every phone ( Even though budget phone too) have these two commonly used feature.

So my dear request to asus team please give immediate update on such things.


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    Both are there. You are just new to ZenUI. Please research then post. Since you so easily posted a discussion without even using your phone and not knowing the features, I won't be guiding you here. You'll be able to find a lot of unknown features of you look around.

  • Please could you guide me how to use this ?

  • I get to know how to enable file safe operation but what about app lock ?

  • For Applock >Go to the app drawer> select 3 dots >preference

    For File Safe >Go to file manager >Hidden Cabinet

  • Thanks so much.

    One more thing could you give update about the display red tint issue ,I mean whether it is a software issue or hardware issue ?

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