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I'm facing this colour changing problem whenever i use fingerprint


  • Is irritate whenever i use

  • Color changing as in the white screen background in the video?

    For all of us, the screen would become bright to 100% (mostly) while using the fingerprint.

  • No see when we use fingerprint display color change and lining come when we use fingerprint whole screen have a line

  • The display color is suppose to change when activating the fingerprint sensor. That way the sensor gets the best light.

    My color mode changes as well. But it swaps back to what I have chosen after the screen unlocks.

    Don't know what you mean by lining.

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    Sorry guys in previous video its not showing what problem im facing

    Now see and help me guys

  • Well that seems to be just a software thing to make adjustments to the display, like, changing refresh rate, colour profile etc. Isn't an issue.

  • I tried every thing cjanging color refresh but its always happing

  • Just seems like a software issue to me. It's not changing back to the correct color profile.

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    I can't reproduce what you're seeing on my phone.

    The lines are not visible to your eyes right? This should only be visible through the camera.

    Are you saying that the color profile changes permanently whenever you use the fingerprint sensor? It doesn't go back to what it was before?

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