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There are a few things that would make this phone 10/10 for me.

My first annoyance is that the "PowerMaster" app keeps flagging my audiobook app (Voice Audiobook Player) as a power drainer if i listen to audiobooks while the screen is locked for example. I would love if the PowerMaster had a whitelist option for apps.

Another thing is that the gyro/screen rotation is slightly to sensitive for my taste, to the point where i would lean to the side for a second and my screen spasms rotating to the size and back again. Screen rotation sensitivity options for that would be great.

One thing i love about android phones is the notification LED, and i am happy to see that the ZenFone 6 has one even though it has a whole screen display. For some reason though it gets used to show if the phone is charging, that means that while the phone is charging it is useless since it is on all the time and not only if there is a notification. I have never seen the point in the charing LED and would love to get the option to disable it.

If i get within range of a wifi network i previously used that has a login process (like a café) that uses a webpage i automatically get sent to the page when possible. This can be quite annoying when i am using the phone for something else and i get pulled out just to dismiss this page as i am not interested in connecting now. Instead it would be nice to just get a notification saying "Sign in to Wi-Fi Network [wifi name]".

The final thing i have noticed in my first week of use is that on my previous phone i had the option to set a system pin code that would be requested before android booted properly, that way if a bad actor tried to access my data it would be harder since the phone had not yet booted. The ZenFone 6 also has a pin but it only gets asked for once the phone is fully booted.


    1. You're not the first to request a whitelist for our PowerMaster app. I will be sure to lift this request again
    2. I would recommend you to disable the auto rotate. Whenever you rotate your phone, a small rotate button will appear for a moment so you can manually rotate it.
    3. The charging LED is nice to have when you have a charging cable with bad connection in case it stops charging :) But yeah, I understand what you mean. It has been requested from other users that we give more control of the LED. I'll add you request to the list.
    4. Every phone works like this. Either disable you WiFi or press forget on the previously used WiFi when you're done using it. We don't want to change too many things from Stock Android as every change (especially one like this) can create bugs.
    5. I assure you that our (Googles method) is just as safe. Everything is encrypted until unlocked
    1. Thanks
    2. Ok
    3. It feels weird that you answer that you try to keep the experience close to stock android for other requests (such as clock on right side which i would also love) but you add a charging LED which is not a stock android feature. It is not a feature on Pixel phones at least.
    4. No other phone i have seen works like that it is annoying as hell. As you say the only solution now is to disable wifi or forget the network. When i walk through a mall i can not use my phone unless i disable my wifi, since i transfered my data from my old phone to this one and it came with all the known wifi networks. It really should just be a notification that you press to get sent to the wifi login page.
    5. Ok
    6. Any chance of getting the clock on the right side?

  • 3) It was stock Android feature on my Google Nexus 5X phone.

    4) Take a look into Wifi Advanced settings.

    6) Ask Google, it is their decision. Google for their explanation why they did it.

  • I also have a nexus 5x and the notification led does not turn on when charging. At least not when the phone is on, i think it might have when it is off

  • I am sorry, you were right, I mistook the Nexus 5X with Xiaomi Mi A1.

  • Oh that rotation widget is great but not clean android after all.if the cable connection is bad, it isnt very wise to encourage users to use it with helping led.

    That browser launch after login to loginpage wifi, isnt very nice and it needed to have option disable it, like from advanced wifi settings :)

    Asus you can do lots of your own with android, just go wild and serve your customers, not Google.

  • Oh that rotation widget is great but not clean android after all.

    It is not widget, but context navigation button.

    It is Android Pie feature by Google, so it is a pure Android feature, not enhancement by Asus.

    if the cable connection is bad, it isnt very wise to encourage users to use it with helping led.

    It is your personal opinion, but some other users including me will appreciate it.

  • Would still be great to have the option to disable charging led ;)

  • I agree, there is never enough options in the Setting.

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