zenfone 6 phone have no media coverages after motherboard issue. How would sales improve?

gouravjoshi100gouravjoshi100 Level 1
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I follow a lot tech sites and surprise to see nobor negligible media coverage to asus phones. Earlier was better atleast they report phone update news but after motherboard issue, i can not see much coverage and for others even beta updates news are covered. Maybe, asus management itself dont know how to keep media coverage keeps going by doing announments...can not see anything from asus. Zenfone 6 is/was one of the best device and can compete with any highend phone it died its own due to some hardware issues and no media coverage, no announment for futures...balls wont keep rolling until u keep forcing it. Asus need to improve on media coverage, announments and future plans. this phone had potential and could be best asus phone ever. But...hmmm.

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