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Hello there

So my problem is that my ROG Phone II battery care function doesn't work. This is the second time I charge my phone and tried to set period for charging over night. It wont work. Simply when I plug my phone to charger, hyper charge icon appeara and my phone charges crazy fast (been used to fast charge with previous phone from other manufacturer). So am I doing sth wrong here? Wanted to extend the batterys life span thus using battery care seems like great idea.


  • I think it's suppose to hyper charge to around 80% then slow down and hit 100% around the end of the schedule.

    Could be wrong though.

  • Yeah I watched the whole charging process and In my case it flyes all over to the top at approximately the same speed

  • For me it charged all the way up to 93% and then stopped and kept it at 93% for around 4-5 hours and then when the schedule was near to it's end, it started the fast charging and completed till 100%

  • Will look into this next time I charge my phone. Clearing cache and restarting "Battery care" first. Mybe this helps.

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    Nah, still no Battery care for me. Plugged in with battery care period set to 4 hours and my phone charged from 9% to full with hyper charge within 1 hour. Also my battery got quite hot most of the charging time. I dont think it is healthy for it. Any suggestions, guys? I assume I should make an official inquiry for Asus technical support. Will do so.

  • Yes, if you are trying this with official charger + cable, then all the more so.

    Let them know the Software/FW version of your device.

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    1) Clear storage and cache of POWER MASTER

    2) Restart the device 

    3) Try scheduled charging

    Using ROG 2 8/128 on WW_16.0631.1908.12_0 with in box 18W charger.

    Schedule set 10 PM to 8 AM

  • Did you see the Power Master Scheduled charging notification when you plugged it in?

  • I see it but I too can confirm that it is kind of a hit or miss. The Battery most probably gets charged to 100% before the end of the scheduled charging time, like 1 hour before.

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    Hello, I didn't check Battery care at first, but I monitored it after seeing this thread. I set my period 12:50AM to 9:30AM.

    I saw it went up to 80% and stopped(1:51AM to 3:04AM), remaining 20% was charged from 3:39AM to 8:42AM, it is supposed to charge fully around 9:30AM. AccuBattery states 100% was reached at 8:42AM. Is this normal? I have a question here.

    Will the phone fast charge the last 20% when nearing to scheduled end time or will it slowly keep charging the remaining 20% until it reaches the end time?

    Btw, the FAQs for Battery care is utter useless. No proper info available. Says somethings about "AI Charging". an option which even doesn't exist in the phone. Please suggest the documentation team to open their eyes and try to be minimum informative!

  • I agree the documentation could be better. It will fast charge, wait and fast charge again until some time before the specified time. When this is depends on how much time it has to charge. It sounds like it's working from the description you gave

  • Hey guys

    I contacted Asus technical service. Quite obvious advice to factory reset phone, which I done already. And quess what, when I deplated battery so the phone shut down by itself, then pluged in and power on, suddenly Power Master dtartet working, charging notification showed and scheduled charging works so ever. I mean it reaches 100% around 1h20min before scheduled time. Sth I can live with.

  • I really wish there were an option to maintain the battery at a selected level (say 80%). Some of us leave the phone plugged in a lot of the time and simply do not need 100% battery most of the time. And keeping the battery at 100% for long periods will quickly degrade it.

  • You can use battery manager for that. I set the Full charged time at 1 p.m. and charge it overnight. When i wake up, the phone was kept at 80% charge. Which is plenty to get through the day and potentially increases the lifetime expectancy with 120%-333%.


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