Phone reboots randomly then works fine

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I just purchased this phone Zenfone 6/6z but there is a problem that it is rebooting randomly since the past few hours. Reboots in 10 secs but the problem persists. Some say it is a motherboard issue. Please help.


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    this is a motherboard issue, software update cannot fix this, so it would be better to send it to ASUS service centre.

  • It is working fine since last night. While updating it did that thing and while I was on call.

    I then dig into it and noticed while I was doing heavy usage it did it again also was a bit hot as I had just removed it from charging.

    Phone is great working fine now even I did update few mins ago.

    Please tell me what do I do. I already received a faulty phone so I had to return it now this came.

    Should I return it to the vendor as I can do that also or should I visit asus service centre and get this fixed once and for all.

    ALSO please tell me will they charge (i know they won't just curious heard about someone claiming that they said that only 80% money will be refunded).

    I am really upset and distressed. A genuine help will make my day.

    Purchase date: 10 OCT 2019

  • That sounds like it could be the motherboard issue. You're specifically mentioning that it reboots when it's under heavy usage and gets warm.

    As for what to do, that is a personal choice you have to make for yourself. I would personally go to the manufacturer for an in warranty repair, regardless of the brand or product. But if you are able to exchange/refund the phone from your reseller that could be a compelling option as well.

    I'm sorry your phone is having issues. Best of luck with whatever path you choose.

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