Car bluetooth disconneting



  • Happy to hear it, and thank you for posting your workaround!

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    I have different experiences with different cars and phones. With Opel (German brand) no problems at all. Pair it and use it. Rog 2, Samsung and Apple. BMW is a mixed experience. With all phones you have to turn on BT before the car is started. And sometimes it would not connect even then. If you turn on the BT on the phone while the engine is running, no chance. Cars are 2015 and 2016 models. It's just the car's software that is buggy. And those guys give updates rarely if at all.

  • BMW has been terrible with pairing for a decade. I've had issues with a 2008 5 Series, and a 2014 4 Series. Eventually I just gave up and used the radio.

    Ironically, when I replaced the head unit on my 1998 328i, it became the best Bluetooth equipped car I've ever had!

    You'd think after ten years they would get the hang of it...

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    Unlike BMW, my main car Opel Insignia runs perfect with Rog 2. Even notifications are announced with a sound although there is no Android auto for Croatia (not supported by Google and thus also not supported in a car software).

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