Display Red tint issue on my Rog 2



  • Also coming to the red tint issue , i don't think it as a hardware issue as Rog 2 has Oled HDR 10 , 120hz display which shouldn't be the cheap ones used in Xiaomi phones, so rest assured it surely will get fix with an software update !! Hope Asus team bringup "DC dimming" + fix this red tint SW issue

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    Hi i have attached google chrome in incognito mode with 39% brightness.

  • You have to take a pic from other phone it's not visible in screenshot

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    Thank you so much but Please take picture from other phone. Pull down the notification bar while taking the picture.


  • Thank you for sharing the info. Hope when I get the phone its not with the updated firmware.

    Can you post what firmware version your phone came with?

  • Can anyone with ROG2 phone with latest firmware revert back to a old firmware to check if the Red tint issue is with the new firmware?

  • I am also facing this issue on lower brightness.

    @LP_ASUS I saw your reply that if this is a deal breaker then we should get it checked or return the device, but if this is a issue that most of us are facing (including you as well), can you update with root cause and let us know if this is a hardware or software issue and what are the probable solutions for it rather than just getting it checked or returning the device?

    We love the device, but that does not mean you can imply "take it or leave it".

    Do let us know root cause of the issue, log a bug, or let us know if this is an additional feature that you have given to us.

    PS - I agree with @ag.954gupta, that the screen brightness is too high even on 0% brightness and IMO low on 100% brightness.

  • i have talked to local services station of asus in my city they said that they already had 2 rog2 with them and it was software problem and they have solved it but i dont completely trust them so i request you guys to visit service center and see if you issues is resolved or not

  • my device is not arrived i have 4~5 days more of any of you can go and check the problem is software or hardware it will really be helpful as i have still time to cancel my order services giy assured me its an software problem and the already solved it in 2 device

  • All ASUS products undergo intensive quality control, testing and inspections. The factory tries its best to make sure every product is perfect.

    This is most likely panel behavior. One possible solution given by R&D if you are concerned about panel quality was to adjust settings in Splendid. (Setting>Display>Splendid)

  • You're in Splendid. I wasn't able to minimize the effect on my device, but adjusting color temperature and saturation may benefit some users.

  • Well even on splendid the issue still persisit !! So they need to push an ota with the fix

  • Ok you are the mod lol i didnt noticed.. So can we expect the update with the fix + dc dimming which is one of the important feature that all amoled device currently have

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    Well, this is headed nowhere. My return window in Flipkart ends on 21st Oct. Will wait until 20th for any response from Asus, at least an acknowledgement. If this dead silence continues, I will be returning mine. Maybe wait for 2-3 months for revised HW versions and buy again if they've fixed it. ROG 2 is a great phone. But small issues like these are ruining the experience. What's more frustrating is, Asus's way of handling these issues. No response or acknowledgement. I've contacted Chat support and they have no clue whats happening and right away suggest me to visit Service center(which I don't have in my city). Btw the software too needs to be refined(I know it'll get better in time but still).

  • Lowering the brightness below 20% is the most basic thing ehich you guys missed in the intensive quality control. Is anybody really looking into this issue from Asus and give us the probable cause? Is it hardware or software issue? Don't give probable answers. Get it checked and revert with the investigation. Don't go round and round.

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    Intensive quality control, testing and inspections ???

    What a joke, every asus flagship has serious hardware issue

    1. Asus zenfone 5z, no network problem, solution is change the motherboard

    2. Asus 6z camera autorotate problem and multiple reboot after software update and solution again change the motherboard

    3. Asus rog 1 internally broken screen- check forum

    4. Asus rog 2, display red tint at lower brightness

    You are only giving excuses and not accepting your fault, everytime, if someone has doubt, then check the old forum and new forum both

  • I think some year back Samsung S8 also had same kinda problem even worse than this & they able to fix that with the a software update .

    So by that we can expect Asus also will do the same with the coming update as the issue would have already got escilated from various sources.

    Hope Asus team will clarify atleast ASAP.

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