Display Red tint issue on my Rog 2



  • Well that's a bummer. I am using Zen UI and as mentioned above, it's issue on the dark grey patches, not a theme based issue. I really like the phone and red tint isn't that noticable for me but if it's some kind of defect that will spread in future and create more issues, then I would just get it replaced now.

  • It's not a defect. This is just how the panel behaves at very low brightness. You can expect this kind of performance for the life of the device at very low brightness, but it will not "spread" or create different issues.

    This a matter of taste and whether or not the low brightness tinting matters to you. I tend to use my phones around 60-80% brightness at all times, so I wouldn't have even been aware of this issue unless it was pointed out to me.

  • Well that's just sweeping things under rug, i have used many amoled phone flagship and both in budget. This is the first one i have had issues with.

    Well the panel is defective, i do agree that during amoled panel fabrication it's tough hence it's costly. But if there is a defect i do expect a refund.

  • Most of the other users said that don't have this tint. So how come it is panel behavior?

  • How can it be a panel behavior when other issues are not facing this issue? Their displays are normal.

  • Found on mine too. The tint is appearing only on specific overlays. I hope it can be fixed with an update. Yes it is only observed at lower brightness and a fix for this would be excellent.

    PFA Screenshots

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    I am also facing similar issue with my ROG phone 2. There is a red tint on the grey colours.. when brightness is below 40%, its very noticeable in dark environment compared to bright.

    Is this fixable ? or should i return the phone ?

  • I don't see this quite as bad in person. My Pixel 2 XL picks it up more-so.

    I think this could just be solved with a software update.

  • Will this ever be fixed team Asus ?

  • I also have similar issue..rog 2 is on the right side and look at the difference and its completely red..very poor quality.. spending this much amount and getting device like this...

  • Well guess what, the replacement arrived and it has the same issue of red tint.

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    @LP_ASUS This is definitely an issue. I have used phones having AMOLED screens and never faced such an issue. Kindly request you provide an appropriate response. We are confused between whether it's a hardware issue or a software based one.

    This issue is very prominent on some devices while slight on others. Your previous response stating that you tend to use more than 50-60% brightness most of the time is a personal choice and does not indicate that it's not an issue.

    We have certain expectations from any OEM and keeping a unit free of manufacturing defects is one of OEM's responsibility.

    What is the point of claiming to have one of the best colour accuracies, or deltaE < 1 if there are such issues.

  • @LP_ASUS I am also facing the same issue . Please do let us know it is a fixable issue or not . Because spending around 40k this is not the expectations.

  • @LP_ASUS i am also facing same issue. don't understand it's hardware or software problem. mine one is tencent version.

  • Is this red tint percentage getting increase over time?

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    Fyi that's a One plus 7T

    It's too plagued with various hardware issues other than the tint thing .

    Also secondly the tint on Rog only appears in the notification bar afaik and nowhere else so not a big deal if you ask me .

    Also the theme kinda looks like a overlay to me and goes with the Rog theme if it's SW they'll surely fix it if not who cares for a little red tint in the notification bar just enjoy your phones for god's sake

    You guys are just being paranoid right now

    Also amoleds mostly have such issues including color shift,grey uniformity, different tints,burn in

    Oleds are organic and they have their own set of differences if you ask me

    Just try googling the term many such issues will pop up

    Fyi Samsung S8 had it too and they issued an update for it which solved it (interesting if you ask me )

    Anyways that tint thing on Rog 2 isn't a deal breaker

    Heck it doesn't appear anywhere else that the notification bar so why the cribbing?

    Let's not oversee all the other things the device packs including a beautiful display (yes it has one of the best oleds) don't go by other user experiences you decide for your own

    Every unit is not the same

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    Fyi that's a OP 7T (had to post a comparison to make you guys understand cos you all are continuously cribbing about that tint issue)


    (There you go if you want that discussion link and see for yourself)

    That phone has worse quality control issues than Rog has now (had a pal having manufacturing defect for his speakers he got his money refunded tho)

    Tint isn't even an issue imo

    Amoleds are organic in nature and most have some sort of color shift,grey uniformity issue,burn in,tint at different brightness levels

    Also it isn't really a issue if you can only see it in the notification panel

    It doesn't even interfere with your usage !

    So stop with this tint thing already for god's sake and enjoy your phones guys

    Let's get over this already!

    Don't go by other's experiences you decide for yourself!

    Also this tint tint has been widely covered on many different phones just try googling the term

    S8 had it on launch too but they later sorted it out through an ota (interesting if you ask me )

    If Rog thing is SW they'll probably sort it out if it's HW not a big deal guys considering it's only visible in the notification panel and doesn't interfere with your normal usage

    Rog has a gorgeous OLED panel imo and this tint can't be reproduced anywhere else like on YT etc .

    One other thing this red tint thing kinda goes with the Rog theme so you can barely see it

    Lastly I'm pretty sure 99% of guys wouldn't have even noticed this tint if no-one reported it here lol cos it's nothing major and doesn't strike out as anything out of the ordinary.

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