Zenear BT for ZenFone 6 Edition 30

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When I purchased the Edition 30 phone, if I recall correctly, there was a notice that a code will be sent to be able to get the Zenear BT for free.

Has anyone get it? I have not get any email, yet.


  • I got mine.

    Check your email spam filter.

    Here is the link I received via email, except mine was in Swedish - this is the UK English one, seem to work the same:


  • Thanks! Of course I checked the spam folder, but nothing has arrived :)

    Anyway, I will try to claim it via the site you shared next week.

  • I had got a coupon code via the site, but unfortunately the webshop did not accept it. I think I will double check with support.

  • You have to wait at least 30 days after your Z6 order.

    I could order mine first on day 32 I think it was, not on day 31.

  • I've ordered mine on the french E-Shop, 30+ days has passed since my order and I haven't received it.

  • I've ordered mine on the Czech E-Shop, day after 30 days from purchase of Zenfone. Code was accepted (before 30 days not) and after 3 days of delivery, Zenears are home :)

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    My order date is 31 August, so I am way ahead of the 30 days. Still no email, the code received based on my SN is not accepted, no reply from support. I am still patient.

    I had tried the code again and it was accepted finally :)

  • I think you should make a complaint to the e-shop where you bought your Z6 that you never received an email about how to order the ZenEar BT, and ask them to help you.

    Quite likely you have waited "too long", and the automated system processing your code disallows it for that reason.

  • The headset has arrived. Although is is very disappointing. Volume is low even if outdoors mode switched on. Bass does not exist. Sound is like an old Soviet Sokol radio.

    Any suggestion?

  • Mine are working fine, and loud enough without putting the volume on max.

    You should switch the BT codec from SBC to AAC in the developer settings, that improves the sound quality a lot.

    Then you should look in the Audio Wizard, and check any equalizer in whatever player app you are using, so that does not conflict with Asus Audio Wizard.

  • Got mine Zen Ear BT today after writing to Hungarian eShop support. Link they gave was also the same mentioned above. Link didn't work with my S/N and support sent coupon code directly by email.

    Didn't open the box yet. Quite curious about this item sound quality. There is no any reviews in internet yet...

  • Thanks! AAC is definitely a big quality jump. I will keep playing around with settings. Indoor quality and volume is acceptable now. Will test outdoors later.

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