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Finally received my Z6!! So pumped.

I gave a major issue though. I have never got a great signal at work or home so have always used wifi calling for years.

Am I missing something bc I don't see how/where to turn on.

How could this phone get so much right and leave out something so important.

So disappointed ?. Guess it's going back in the box. Such a bummer.

Is there any way to make this phone work with weak signals??


  • What region are you in? VoLTE is not supported in most areas for the ZenFone 6.

    One workaround for poor connectivity/call quality at home that I'm aware of is a signal booster. This is an example from T-Mobile in the US, but it might be worth contacting your carrier to see if they have a similar option for you.


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    I am buying this phone to replace OnePlus 5. Unfortunately Asus forgot to cook WIFI calling(VoWiFi) into the system. 3-year-old phone OnePlus 5 has VoLTE/VoWifi built-in but new ZenFone6 don't. It is a must have feature in USA(all carrier, not just T-Mobile). I wish very soon Asus can implement it.

  • This request has already been forwarded more than once the decision makers of our phones and I will forward this one as well. This is all I can do in my position.

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