[Mobile Desktop Dock] Game genie menu accidentally opens when mouse move in a specific way

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Game genie menu accidentally opens when mouse move left, then left click and hold then move mouse to right.  The game genie menu from left side will open, interfering with game play.

Very annoying and cannot play PUBG anymore with the dock

You can imagine aiming to left, shoots then swing your aim to right while shooting at enemy, the game genie menu pops open from the left.

I am using ROG Phone 2.

The firmware version is WW_16.0631.1908.12_0

PUBg version is  The latest version as of today. This issue happens since I got the phone, even after some firmware update on the mobile doc as well as the phone OS.

Game clip

https://www.asuswebstorage.com/n ... 53996AC36F1C2041F94

Mouse movement

https://www.asuswebstorage.com/n ... 3B96F258FB6BDAC7174

Key mapping not interfering

https://www.asuswebstorage.com/n ... 4F9284B57AAC077E1C4


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    Thanks! I've never moved the mouse this aggressively while shooting so I didn't know it could be an issue.

    I will let our developers know. Hopefully they can find a way to lock game genie temporarily. Maybe with a specific gesture

  • chow.johnnychow.johnny Level 1
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    I might have exaggerated in the video. but I can also reproduce this at will at slow pace. Just move left click and hold then move right, u can immediate see the game genie bubble already showing up.

    Here is a reproduction at a normal speed.


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    The behavior shows that there is an non-visible cursor on the screen where when I move to the left, the non-visible cursor would be touching the left edge and when mouse-clicking will simulate a mouse-down action and moving mouse to the right simulates pulling the menu drawer out. Locking game genie can be one option but the remapper sits in the game genie menu, if having it locked, then the only way to access it is thru short cut ctrl+F11. But locking it will also have problem when non-dock users plays in their palm instead of mouse & KB.

  • Sorry, I forgot to reply you that we found the issue and that it will be updated in a future update. Not necessarily the next update but eventually.

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