Every app restarted (not a complete phone restart)

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I was watching youtube and suddenly my phone stopped,i locked it and tried to unlock every app including my live wallpaper restarted and reloaded like they were forced out of ram.Is this common or something that i should be concerned. @Anders_ASUS


I have had instances earlier where my phone stopped working entirely(screen blank to be exact) not able to start any apps....i happend twice but it was long time ago


  • @CH_ASUS please look into it

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    When you say unlock every app, do you actually mean that you kill them and then restarted them again?

    I'm assuming it worked after this? I didn't get if you actually restarted the phone of if you only restarted the apps. It's always good to restart your device when something like this happens.

    If it happens again repeatedly, then you should first backup and reset your device. If you're still getting the same issue after this, then please contact your ASUS Service Center

  • i locked the phone and unlocked it again(i missed a comma there....so it looked like i unlocked every app

  • i already did a reset when the asus launcher crashed so i dont think it fixed the problem

  • Try safe mode (boot with volume down + power) and install another launcher. Restart and try the other launcher.

    But even if it does work, I'm pretty sure the best way to fix your issue is by resetting your device

  • It happened again and it was again with the same app(call of duty mobile) i was switching back and forth with some other app and my phone got locked again.....this it showed a NOTIFICATION saying system being optimised....

    Whats that supposed to mean???? @Anders_ASUS

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