New features for Zenfone 5z required with Android Q Update

NiveshNivesh Level 2
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Pls @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS pls convey this to your software development that we need features on the Zenfone 5z-


Always on display like rog 2

New camera features

And free new wallpapers


  • Zenfone 5z shouldn't have always on display since it has lcd display (not an oled display like rog phone). So that feature will make your phone battery to drain faster.

  • Pls mods pls tell will we get these features

  • Many third party apps are there for always on display but don't use that its no point on using always ln display in LCD display

  • Always on display won't be helpful for us cos we have an LCD display.

    And I believe they'll add night mode + port some other camera goodies from 6z

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