Games getting stuck at half frame rate unless I open Game Genie settings , etc.

Just using SAO:IF as an example.

If I switch out of games and go back in. The frame rate seems to run at half of what it was until I open the Game Genie Settings menu or trigger some other on-screen thing. Even starting a recording fixed the frame rate issue.

Here is one way I fixed it. I would record it. But starting the recording fixes the frame rate issue.

Frame rate is at the top.


  • I seem to have figured out the cause. It does this when you change the Refresh Rate to anything but "As System" in the Scenario Profile.

    I still feel as though this may be a bug. It's happening to all my games if the phone changes the refresh rate as the game opens. This doesn't happen if I leave "As system" checked.

  • I can replicate your issue with SAO:IF. I even managed to reach 60Hz by setting the screen to 60hz outside armoury crate and set a 120hz framerate to the game inside armorury :)

    I could kind of replicate it in another game where it's possible to set the framerate in the game. The results were different from SAO:IF so my best guess is that developers use different methods for limiting the FPS.

    In all other games I tried, the Armoury Crate settings worked flawlessly. We will look into this and see if it's possible to improve the frame rate settings in these two games but you mentioned games as in plural. Which other games have you seen this behavior in?

    The longer list I can provide our developers, the easier it will be to find the root cause


  • I get this issue in Azur Lane as well. Azur Lane has a 60 FPS option in-game. It gets stuck at 30.

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