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The Smart Key is something i use a lot on this phone, but the customization is not too useful. I mean some of the features are very useful, but that is just some of them such as open the camera app, use flashlight, screenshot. The rest of them are pretty useless in my opinion.

1: Why can i only use the flashlight on the double-press fuction and not on the press and hold or just short press function?

2: It would be cool if more features were added such as being able to return the camera to its position when its not, flashlight on press, double-press and press and hold, switch NFC on or off and more features that you can do in the tab where you swipe down from the top of the screen.

You get my point, it would make the button as useful as is can be.


  • Thank you for the suggestions! I'll pass this along to the devs. Being able to map custom actions with the Smart Key would definitely add some flexibility to the button.

  • That actually could work and I second that. Quick panel switches support could allow for custom activities such as executing Tasker scripts. Adding "Open app" would be great too.

  • Totally agree! The flashlight thing is so annoying because I use it a ton and double click is less intuitive than long press. I'm also a big fan of customization, so let's make this real devs please! ?

  • Just another thought about this - If this button will become detectible in 3rd party apps (onclick), users could use another app to assign a task to it. This could work as one of Smart Key's actions. Regardless, I'd still like to use it with Tasker. Anyhow. There are many easy ways to do that.

  • We didn't want to have flashlight as single click since it can drain your battery before you notice that you turned it on by mistake.

    We will think about this suggestion. Thanks!

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    Another vote here for longpress to turn on flashlight. Could also give the option to auto turn off the flashlight after a few minutes for any accidental turning on (or forgetting to turn off).

  • Any update on this @Anders_ASUS ?

    I'm looking to try out Wichaya's camera app (can't post link) but because I have the smart button setup to open the default camera app, and I can't change it, I never remember to try out the new app. Would be lovely to be able to use it more flexibly. Please could you nudge the dev team again, it's been ages and there are a fair few people who've taken the time to hunt down these threads and ask for this (so presumably there are tons more people who'd like it but can't be bothered or don't know how to file bug reports). Cheers!

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    Absolutely endorse that. I'm an avid tasker user. There is a task trigger called 'Secondary App Opened' which I've used on previous phones to assign tasker functions to the Bixby button. I think what would really be powerful here is if we had the option to map any of single press, double press or long press of the smart key to this, and then presumably we could still make use of the other 2 using existing customisation options.

    If the existing customisation options could be enhanced, that would be the icing on the cake. The option to assign 'open app' to any of the 3 would be great, and I also like the idea of being able to open the torch with a single press, knowing that after 1 minute (say) the torch would automatically toggle off.

    Finally, I'm a ZenFone 6 (2019) user running Android 9. No intentions of upgrading to 10 as I make heavy use of the navigation bar customisation features tasker offers which would not work if I upgraded to 10. 'Google broke it' in 10 according to the tasker developer. If our good developer friends at Asus did take the trouble to improve our smart key options, I'd still really love to benefit as an Android 9 user if at all possible!

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    any update so far?

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    Having spoken to João Dias (tasker developer), I'm glad to be able to share a very positive update.

    The solution appears to be very simple thanks to something called the 'logcat' trigger which was introduced into tasker a number of months ago.

    All I had to do was assign the three buttons to 'do nothing' in the Asus settings and then get tasker to react to 'single_click null', 'double_click null' and 'long_press null' logcat triggers in separate profiles.

    I then associated whatever tasker task I wanted which each of the three triggers.

    Joao also has a dedicated youtube video showing how to setup an example logcat profiles here. It really is very easy. Please google 'tasker logcat'

    For those of us with a Zenfone 6, I'm sure we can all agree this is an enormously more helpful use case than simply reacting to a snooze button though!  If I wasn't already a tasker user and bought the app for this purpose alone, it would be more than worth it.

    Perhaps our Asus developer friends might still look to expand the options available within the Asus SmartKey settings anyway which is all well and good to allow more to be done even without tasker. That said, I personally think it would be a good thing for any user to go down the tasker route anyway as it's just an all round awesome app.

    Just finally, if you find this work for you, please do consider supporting João as much as you can through his patron site (sorry not able to post links but please google it)

    I think this use case is the perfect example of why we all benefit from really talented independent developers complementing the functionality that the big hardware and software manufactures come out with, and so they deserve our full support. João in no way asked me to say any of this, but I do feel indebted to him as this just wouldn't be possible otherwise.

    All the best everyone! 

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    Thanks @ssalah

    I'll keep it in mind as a last resort option.

    I only think it should be unnecessary to install additional third party apps in order to allow us to launch whichever app or app activity with the smart key.

    With the current limited options it sounds more like a dumb key than a smart one... ;)

    If you managed to get around the current limitations with tasker, I assume it should not be all that difficult for the Asus team to implement it natively in the next OS update.

    For each of the 3 actions (press once, press twice and press&hold) we would basicallyneed the options "Launch app" and "Launch app activity".

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