Heating and battery drain 193_0

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After the latest update 193_0 the device is heating up more compared to before update while playing games like PUBG and while charging

The battery is draining more when compared to before update...

(No i am not using my Device while charging, Wifi data GPS Bluetooth are not turned on.... Basically my usage pattern is the same before and after update... But felt above differences after the update)



  • on my phone no change, still normal operation 2 days without warming up

  • Me neither. I can only suggest wipe data, that should do the trick

  • getjohnalivegetjohnalive Level 2
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    I reached 2 days standby and 7 hours SOT with the latest software update,

    the only issue i have is the phone gets hot when I am using the camera to take picture or video.

  • It has always been hot during video recording but normal photography shouldn't produce that much heat. You're not the first to mention this but I have never been able to get my own ZenFone 6 camera hot even if I take 30 pictures in a row

  • HDR+ processing is very demanding on the Soc, my Xiaomi Mix1 will get really hot when I take repeated closeup photos using a Gcam app. After 40 minutes or so I would have to let it rest a while.

    I haven't had this kind of problem with my Z6 E. 30, yet anyway, perhaps because of the 12GB memory.

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