USB 3.x support?

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Since the spec page doesn't list USB spec, does the Zenfone 6 support USB 3.x?

The reason I'm asking is that I actually transfer files to my phone and don't want to waste money on a phone that only supports the antiquated USB 2.0 standard over USB-C.


  • The USB-C specification for ZenFone 6 is 2.0

  • Well, that blows. That's a no buy for me then.

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    The transfer of files is done via a wifi interface, not via the cable. You click PC transfer, and it has a web address you visit on the computer etc to connect with, and from there it's simple drag and drop.

  • OP kinda has a point. I have 8/256 version and it's a big pain when it comes to transfer some big file between phone and PC. Copying files wirelessly I get a maximum of ~45MB/s. Still not great.

  • Yeah, no, too slow dude, I'm not going to do 10-20GB over Wi-Fi, which is slower than USB 2.0...

  • Not bad for USB 2.0, but still an artificial limitation imposed by Asus so their device could meet some weird cost target. This phone should've had USB 3.0 support.

  • I said it was wireless transfer speed. I don't know exactly how fast is 2.0 here but it's slower than that.

  • I use the app Syncthings for file transfer and backup, they have a Windows version and even for Mac I believe.

    It is very convenient, runs in the background and you don't have to pay any attention to it once you have set it up.

    It can run over mobile data, besides wifi.

    Yes, max transfer speed seems to be around 40 MBs over a good 5Ghz wifi connection.

    Good enough for me.

  • There are many ways to do it: (S)FTP, Samba or via HTTP. Wifi Direct transfer doesn't work (I guess only Samsung's own implementaition worked like it should). I like Samba method because no additional software on PC is needed while having seamless control over files.

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