Heating while charging and battery drain

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So before this update the phone was working fine

But now while charging it seems to get heat up quite a bit and also i feel like the battery is draining too quickly


  • Before the Fota update my 6z was gvng 2 days battery life. Now ph is heating too much Nd battery does not even last for a day. How to go back to previous version??

  • Others aren't experiencing battery drain with the same version so it has to be a combination of your apps and the latest version.

    I would recommend that you deny as many apps as possible from auto starting with the auto start manager in PowerMaster. You find it in settings -> battery -> PowerMaster

    After this, you kill all apps and monitor your battery life. If it seems ok, then allow a few more apps to auto start, monitor the battery life and do the same process until you find the app that you're having an issue with

  • The best way to charge your phone is to it when your phone is shut down.

    Please note that Google Play services are all the features connected with the Google system. (Apps that share data throught Google, ...)

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