Phone is killing apps in the background.

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My phone is killing apps in the background.

Screen on time is not updating.

Please help!



  • What apps is it killing? How do you know. Are the apps restarting when you jump between apps?

    The screen on time bug is already known

  • Wow! I wasn't expecting such a quick reply. Thanks @Anders_ASUS for replying back.

    I'm new to the Asus family. 6Z is my very first smartphone from Asus. Hope it doesn't disappoint me.

    Jumping from OnePlus 3 (used for over 3 years as my daily driver) to 6Z was a very tough call for me because of the oxygen os.


    App called Simple Battery Graph is not able to collect the required data in the background for it to draw the necessary battery and temperature graph. By the way, it's a very battery friendly app.


    I more thing i would like to ask, is there any option to disable data (Wifi and cellular) on per app basis? As this comes really in handy to disable Apps from downloading the annoying Ads.

    Thank you.

  • Welcome to the ZenUI universe !

    In addition with the default Android battery optimization, the Mobile Manager of your phone can :

    1. Disable the auto-start of an app

    2. Automatically close a recent app


    1. Mobile Manager > PowerMaster > Auto-Start manager

    You can also disable the auto-addition to the list of disabled auto-start apps. (Mobile Manager > 3 dots •••

    2. Mobile Manager > 3 dots ••• > Suspended clean

    You also have a "Super clean mode" that can affect, if enabled, your apps.

    Mobile Manager > Memory cleaner

  • As for disabling wifi and data selectively for apps, I recommend the no-root firewall app Netguard, available on Playstore and GitHub.

    You can also use it for adblocking via hosts file without root.

  • Mobile Manager has a an option to disable wifi/mobile data for each app.

    It's in Data usage.

  • It's so nice when other users are doing all the work for me :)

    Thank you for helping shiv1g

  • This method is not working at all. I even reinstalled the apps twice but they are still able to access network.

    This never happened to me on OnePlus 3. The settings on it are very straight forward.

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    It saves the ad locally outside of the app. So if you uninstall and install it again, it will use the locally stored ad if it can't access the internet. This is why you will always see the same ad. Why it doesn't show in flight mode as well, I do not know. This is probably a Google thing (since its their ads) and they decided that ads shouldn't show when in flight mode. So maybe a combination of Google and a workaround from the app developer

    I found out that it must work like this by comparing the same app on a phone that had already had it installed and another phone that had never had it installed. If I disabled the app data access before starting it the first time one the one that had never run the app before, the ad never appeared.

    You can probably read more about this somewhere but we do successfully deny the app data so there doesn't seem to be anything wrong on our end.

  • Hi! I own a Zenfone 6 and, thanks to you, I've learnt how to use the Auto-Start Manager so I've solved two issues on three that I had, but also using it I have IFTTT that does not start at the boot: I have to launch the app manually. May you help me, please?

    Many thanks!

  • Hi,

    You'll have to delete IFTTT from the Auto start list and Super cleaner list (if enabled).

    You can also delete the battery optimization for this app in the android's parameters.

  • HI,

    I've disabled Auto start and Super cleaner, deleted the battery optimization for the app, granted access to notification and data, but it doesn't start. I've tested other apps and it's the only one I've found with this fault, but in my previous mobile it worked and still works.


  • Perhaps there will be someone else who also uses the IFTTT application to confirm or refute your observation.

  • Apps aren't getting killed but they are not viewed in recent apps

  • Is this always happening? With all apps? Does it help if you restart the phone?

  • It always happens. I've tried to install the app also in a Zenfone 5, and IFTTT doesn't start and I have to launch manually. I suppose it's a ZenUI fault.

  • What about now with Android Q?

  • In Android 10 if I'm downloading videos and images in WhatsApp and then clear the app in the recents apps the downloading stops immediately. This didn't happened in the pie.

    Background networks are turned on for the app. No battery saver is turned on. Don't optimize is turned on. Adaptive battery is turned off.

  • Forgot to mention.

    I'm able to receive messages like normal even if i remove the app from recents.

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    I'm not getting notifications from youtube. Then what's the point in subscribing channels.??@Anders_ASUS

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