What a mess!



  • What do you mean? Are you getting a new third device?

  • No, I simply returned it because there are no solutions to the problems I have commented.

  • Will they solve the problems I have commented?

  • OK, you sent it back to the dealer?

    We need to find out what is wrong before we can fix it. Since no one else is complaining about the GPS at the moment, it must be something that only happens to 30th anniversary. If this is the case, then I should hear something very soon again.

  • I just got word that we wanted to take it in for investigation. Do you have the serial number?

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    The serial number of the first device: K8AIHM005660RG2

    The serial number of the second device: K8AIM00667053E

    Asus received the first device a couple of weeks ago. The second device will be received by Asus tomorrow Tuesday, according to the shipment tracking.

  • Great! Thank you!

  • The device has been delivered today.

  • When can I expect a comment on the problems of Zenfone 6 30th anniversary?

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    Has the Zenfone been investigated yet?

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    Has Asus checked the Zenfone 6 that I returned? What happened to the GPS and the rest of problems that I explained?

  • @Anders_ASUS Do we have any updates to share?

    @fjaviergj I'm not in the loop on this one but Anders should have an answer for you.

  • @Anders_ASUS Do we have any updates to share?

  • They asked the two phone to be transferred from our service center in Holland to HQ in Taiwan for further investigation. I believe they have just arrived. No further info at the moment.

  • I have acquired a new device and it has the same problems, I await the result of the investigation.

    It is also necessary to correct that the Android language is set at first with the one available on the SIM card, since it is currently in Italian. If there is no SIM card inserted, it should be displayed in English.

    When the camera is folded by a fall test, the image on the screen remains inverted until the key is pressed again.

    I think it is also necessary to keep the screen on while holding the phone as in the Zenfone 5z, and not just for time.

    I will continue commenting on problems and suggestions about the device.

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  • Still no update. Did you own a ZenFone 6 non 30th edition too since you say that the GPS worked with ZenFone 6?

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    I've only had the 30th anniversary edition. I bought a new device 30th anniversary edition (the third one), and it presents the same problem with GPS.

    I have never tended or tried the normal version. But this problem does not have other users of the normal version with whom I have contact. I don't know users of the 30th anniversary version to learn about their GPS experience.

  • Ok, my guess is that you would have the same problem with the standard ZenFone 6. The question is, why this happens to only you. It must be some bug which only triggers in your area or some software that you install that no one else uses. I have no idea but there must be something which is unique to you or how you use it. Let's see if we find anything strange with the device you sent back. It's very likely that I will ask you to log your phone if we don't find anything

  • Hello,

    I guess it can be a problem just from the 30th anniversary edition. It may also be that most people do not look at the accuracy of the position shown by the GPS, in addition to improving Google's location accuracy, the problem is partially corrected.

    As I mentioned earlier I have tried it with the factory telephone, without any external application. With the latest firmware version available at all times, and also with all preinstalled applications completely updated.

    I have been able to verify that users of the normal edition do not have this problem, so I do not doubt that there may be a hardware problem, they also have the same version of the GPS firmware (M3.6.17.32-Kirin_770033) and they are also in Spain, with no problems in showing the actual position.


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