What a mess!

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I bought the 30th anniversary edition and I had to change it because the GPS has a 20-meter displacement of reality. The new phone presents the same problem, but ASUS Spain says that it does not know this problem.

Is it possible to fix the problem or do I return the phone?



  • Are you standing in the street or are you inside a building?

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    I've tried it both ways.

    That image is from the roof of the building.

    The displacement is not always in the same direction. In other places the displacement is to the north.

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    Very weird. What about when you're walking around? Can you record your trip with an app called Geo Tracker to see if it flies away?

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    When I walk, it moves, but the position is still not precise.

    I will try to record the screen and share it here.

  • I have compared with Zenfone 5z and there is no problem.

  • You mean that both are acting in the same way and that there's no problem with your ZenFone 6 or did you mean that there's no problem with your ZenFone 5z?

  • With the two phones together. The ZF 5Z works correctly. The ZF6 does not work properly.

    Test with Geo Tracker.

  • I have requested the return of this phone of such low quality.

    -GPS Dual with less precision than a GPS from 20 years ago.

    -Proximity sensor that constantly fails and proca pulsations on the screen.

    -The sound cancellation during the call does not work, and the person you speak with does not listen to you.

    What a mess!

  • I have an Expedition 30, it has worked fine with Google Maps.

    Now I compared GPS with my old Xiaomi Mix1, using the app GPSstatus.

    The Z6 sees twice as many satellites (40) and gets twice as many fixes (20) as the Mix1, and shows "Error" of ~ 5 meters where the Mix1 shows ~ 10.

    You could run this app and see what you get to compare.

    With the app you can force refresh GPS data.

  • I would be so sure that you have a bad device if it wasn't because you say this is your second device. Maybe it's something else? Could be some weird bug triggered by some app you have installed.

    You could see if it gets better with a factory reset. We could also log your phone to find out why it behaves this way but that means that you will have to install an app that sees and logs everything that's going on with your phone during the time it's installed. A lot of users prefer not to which is understandable but It's the only way for us to find what is wrong.

  • In my previous unit I did restoration and nothing improved. In this second, it was the first thing I tried before installing any other application, also before updating the firmware. I also tried it after updating and without having installed any other application. There is no problem installing that application, but if the problem is not solved I want my money back.

  • ok, I got an idea from another user. You're not using a flip case right? Some of them have so strong magnets that it confuses the GPS and compass

  • No. I only use the case that comes in the box. No weird accessory.

  • ok... I will ask our R&D if we should log your device or if they have some other idea. I'll get back to you

  • And for the problem of the lack of cancellation of sounds during the call?

  • GPS test is the application I used for the first image, in which you can see a displacement of more than 20 meters from the real location.

  • I have recorded a route of about 7 kilometers. In what format do I upload it?

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    I also have a problem with the GPS, it shows I'm traveling on a road which I'm not. It shows I'm driving on a different road even though I'm on the correct one. Also upto 30 metres inaccuracy. Created a lot of confusion for me while finding a direction. You can see it shows the location of me on the one way.

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    After contacting Asus Spain, they don't scale the case because I decided to return the Zenfone. Is it normal for a customer to ask for a change, and then have to ask for a return, and for problems not to be investigated? It is unfortunate!

    They have a serious problem with the attention of ASUS Spain, they have no interest in offering good attention, or detecting problems in their products to be solved. From ASUS Global they should take measures to solve this situation.

    Today they come to take Zenfone without having investigated the case by ASUS Spain.

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    The phone has already been removed by the carrier for return. ?

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