Zenfone 6 is a bad telephone

The Asus Zenfone has failed. There are a lot of motherboard defective phones at the service centers. Motherboards die. The phone will be hot when taking photos and watching videos. The processor heats up to 70-75 degrees. This kills the battery and motherboard. Asus call back phones, indemnify. Samsung has done it with Note 7. You may be ashamed of Asus. It will be repaired for 5-6 weeks at the service center and then go back there. Asus 6 is a faulty construction. Should not be marketed.


  • my phone have 40 degrees max .. battery is normal 2 days ...

  • VS-KRVS-KR Level 3
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    Nothing is perfect, but any of my Zenfones let me down since 2015 ...

    Not even this new ZF6, the old ZF2 and the Zenfone 3 Deluxe

    Asus just needs to focus to their phone's software a little more.

  • ColorSageColorSage Level 3
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    OP assumes every phone is faulty which is fundamentally incorrect. There are voices of people who have faced that issue and everyone else without it won't talk about it. CPU can reach 70-75 degrees without *any* risk of failure. It is designed to withstand this tempearature. Many phones can reach 80 deg and live a happy long life. Battery may not be affected because there is no direct connection between cpu and battery temp. I haven't got even close to reaching thermal limit at 50 °C. So yeah. You can complain about incompetent service in your area but everything else just isn't true.

  • I have working z6, yes there has been problems with earlier models but i have latest version of it. Every problem what are listed here is for older models of z6. I dont say these problems are faulty. But im saying that please be sure that model what you buy is latest version by hardware.

  • what new hardware are you talking about? When is it manufactured with the latest hardware? This is somehow not believable.

  • I have tried two Zenfone 6 30th anniversary and both have been a compendium of serious hardware bugs. The Dual GPS has a displacement of 20 to 30 meters from reality. Noise cancellation in calls does not work and the other person cannot hear you. The proximity sensor fails and unwanted keystrokes and calls occur. I have returned the phone and will not buy any ZF6 again. However, the ZF5z is magnificent, a jewel.

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    Zenfone 6 seems to struggle a bit with Quality Control but I can assure you not every one of them is like that. Mine's magnificent too :p Let's just hope Flip Camera mechanism can stand 2 or 3 years of use.

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