ASUS Tencent ROG Phone II mobile network unresponsive or slow

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I recently bought the Tencent version of the ROG Phone II in Hong Kong whilst on holiday and have been noticing some peculiar issues since i got back to the UK.

Firstly, network download speed is a fraction of what it was on my S8. Its still functional but i believe this is caused by the lack of band 20 coverage on this device (even though the paperwork i was supplied in HK implied that it supported band 20).

Secondly, upload speed on mobile network is practically 0, if im lucky ill get 2mbps, which is less than 10% of what my S8 was receiving. I also get a ton of authentication errors in apps and speed tests due to the upload simply not functioning.

The bizarre thing is, this is exclusively a mobile network issue and doesnt occur on WiFi, i have tested with several carriers: Virgin Media, EE and Three, and all of them exhibit the same symptoms, infact, the local manager at Three implied he had seen the same kind of issue with their network at the UK launch event on the UK retail version of the ROG II.

I have been through every last setting in the device (including the hilariously limited developer mode) and have yet to find a solution. Im actually pretty close to the idea of just flashing the ROM because im certain its a restriction in the ROM and not the hardware itself given that the internationally flashed version also lists band 20 as functional for this device.

Can you please advise a solution, otherwise ill be left with no choice but to flash the device to try to rectify it without you.


Tom Smith


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