Gestures incompatible with material design.

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Just received my ROG Phone II yesterday and I've been setting things up to my preferences. I'm coming from a OnePlus 6 from which I had been using gestures for over a year.

The issue: ASUS gestures allow a swipe from the left or right side of the screen to go back. This completely eliminates the possibility of using ANY material design inspired app, where the menu is a swipe from the left side of screen to expand. Instead, the gesture just goes back instead.


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    This way of using gestures is in line with Android Q and some other manufacturers are also using the same gestures. I understand your point but eventually, all new phones will navigate like this so it's the app makers that need to rethink their navigation. Google won't change.

    The easiest solution for you until the app developers change their design is to get used to the "Swipe up on Home button" navigation or the traditional "Virtual key navigation".

  • Then, could you do something like, provide top 40% of the left edge to slide-out Menu, and the rest 60% of the bottom for back. This could be done with an OTA.

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