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I have 3 dots in the navigation bar since the .193, what is it for ?

Because when i tap on it, nothing happens ...

Nissan connect app


  • I gett this strange icon on both ZenFone 6 and ROG Phone II with this software so I think you better ask the developer.

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    I'm not 100% sure, but...

    A relic from times of old. Old Android phones used to have a hardware menu key. This would be most similar to the three dots in the top bar of an app today. However because this was a hardware level feature the phone has no awareness of when the app is going to need it. So basically what you're seeing is that the app that you're using right now is extremely old, to the point where it was built for these phones that had the hardware key. We have no way of knowing when to pop it up so Asus just pops it in the nav bar just to be safe.


  • Yeah, 3 dots menu can be automatically enabled for backward compatibility if some app is using very old SDK, i.e. from Android 2.3.

  • Well, this answer my question !

    Topic close !

  • Confirmed when I came back to the office that it only affects ASUS phones. It will disappear when we switch to Android Q though :)

    Maybe allt the bad reviews for this app has something to do with their code :D

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    That's possible. Just look at it. I don't know if this is just an embedded webview or some kind of foreign cross-platform compiler/IDE. This app is a perfect example what happens if you outsource projects to the cheapest developer.

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