Battery question FOR ALL

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Hi for everyone. It's normal battery power? :)

result now from Yesteday full charge,all time turnet on wi-fi or mobile network(only in night from 00h to 5.45h all networks disabled and running in super saving mode). Add screen shot down. No games. Just firefox messenger fb twitter instagram.

Always runs on battery power saving mode. Results for me not the best from massive 5000mah battery :(

Best i have result in 2 days use(from 100% to ~ 20% left about 8 hours screen usege from full charge) in same options.

I think 5000mah battery give me more battery life :(

Newest software update.

Last screenshot newest info


  • That's not a bad score! 10h SOT doesn't sound half bad. I get from 10 to 12 hours and don't consider it to be low. My previous Galaxy S6 had 2550mAh battery and lasted 4h soo yeah.

  • Your screen shots look normal to me

  • Why is the Google play services so high? Any way to fix thats alot and I have the same issue

  • On my phone, Google play services battery usage time is equal to the time my phone is charged from 100% ...

  • It's a bug. It doesn't appear to use too much energy on any other monitoring app even though in Settings from time to time I get 20% battery used by Play Services. It didn't affect my standby or screen time so I don't care

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