Some apps crashing

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Just like in the question, some apps such as Facebook, Google maps are crashing randomly for the last 3 days, should I be worried? Is this related to the motherboard issue? @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS I'm on version 191


  • If it's only the app crashing, then it's something else. Backup your device, factory reset and see if the crashing stops. If it doesn't, then please contact ASUS Support.

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    After update to Android 10, some third party Apps (for example "MyAngel") crashes when I click on it. Do I have to wait for a new fix patch? In addition, when I use the "Free AdBlocker browser" I cannot post a comment on Facebook because it crashes immediately!! (Chrome works fine though)

    I attach the browser and App screenshot

    I'm located in Rome, Italy.

  • Have you tried reinstalling them? Check the reviews for those apps in playstore. They seem to have had a lot of issues lately so maybe they're not optimized for Android 10

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