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Well I would like to have your comments on this.

In the picture below, is everything normal?

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  • Maybe you should try another font ;)

    No but seriously, since you have micro charged your phone, it counts your data since it was last fully charged which is 3 days in this screen shot. With a 3 day "up time" it's nothing weird about Mobile network standby taking 48% since it has probably been in idle quite a lot.

    This is how the battery usage estimation currently works and you can argue that it should count differently since Mobile network standby isn't very demanding but that requires a change from Google

  • Is it possible to change font without root? I know there's a font selector but I only see two other fonts in there.

  • You can download more fonts with a 3rd party app like ifonts

  • Well, why Google is using so much

    Auto-sync is off

    It is even restricted in background

  • There's a bug in the battery stats that we're working on solving.

    These numbers are wrong and can't be trusted. Until it's fixed, the only thing that matters is your real battery life which should be around 2 days with normal usage. Extreme usage should be 1 day and low usage, up to 3 days.

  • I am getting battery life of hardly a day with average usage. I went to customer care and they tested by using YouTube only and could not found any issue but still there is issue

  • Is your phone working well after changing the motherboard

  • You should be getting a day with heavy use. There must be some app that's constantly using wakelock resulting in that your device never goes to sleep. Go to power master -> auto start manager and deny autostart for every app that you do not fully trust. Then you kill all apps and see if your battery life improves. if it does, then you know where to look

  • @Anders_ASUS suddenly my battery stats are not working properly i rebooted it 3 times and after full charge also it didn't turn up.

    This happened yesterday and today it started showing again.

  • it often takes some time for battery statistics to start to fill. Don't restart your phone and take a look tomorrow...

  • Give it some time. If you charged your phone to 99%, pulled it out and checked again before it ha gone down to 98% then it will look like this.

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