Asus fix 5z Cameras

Abhi VarmsAbhi Varms Level 2
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Hey asus,

i dont know what happened but when i first purchased the phone the cameras were great. But now when i try record videos on back camera some vertical lines are coming and talking about slow motion videos the quality is shit. my redmi 6a takes better slow mo's even though its a 6000 rupees phone. coming to the front facing camera at the time of purchase the quality was really really gud. in selfies i was able to see and count my beard hair literally but now the selfies look softened barely able to see the beard hair and quality is dead and coming to front facing video recoding its completely dead for sure while the video has weird pixelation happening asus i dont care about new versions of android just plz kindly fix the existing issues. because of these issues i am using gcam mods cause they are giving better quality selfies


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