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Anyone who has submitted their 6z with the service center for the auto restart or bootloop. I've been told by the service center guys that the problem is with the motherboard and they've replaced it. But still the problem is showing up. Now they said the bootloop issue is still coming up when the camera is used for 5 and more times and they've changed the camera assembly. Still the problem is showing up. They're not able to rectify the problem and said ASUS has sent them all parts and they'll replace one by one every part and try to rectify the problem. They haven't even updated the RMA to track the repair my phone is lying in the service center for last 1 month. Seriously ASUS this is how you treat a new phone by replacing it with every new part. Why not give me a new phone or a refund. I'm fed up with the service of ASUS!!!


  • I use the camera still and no problem

  • Lucky you!!!

    But as per the service center guys my camera stopped working.

  • Well I got my phone back

    It's perfectly fully functioning

    Like a new one

    No issues

    Motherboard got replaced

  • Hi vipulvijay12,

    Can you share me your RMA/Serial no so that I can check the same.

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    @girishsonu2000 You really got luck mate

    I got my phone back on 28th of September. They have changed the motherboard and problem has resolved. But now new problems have popped up. Camera flip isn't working properly and is making lot of noises. Phone's loudspeaker is making crackling noises. Even those service center guys have made scratches all over my phone and now they aren't accepting their fault. I've talked with the customer care support and they are not able to resolve my issue. I don't know what to do. I need help guys!!! Should I proceed legally???

    @akash_pathak Serial No- K6AIGF00424282W

    @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS

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