what's the asus road map for zenfones.

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@CH_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @LP_ASUS I was reluctant to buy any asus phone but when i saw thier making videos so i was so amazed and attracted to z6. I was so amazed to see how asus taking everything camera, battery, user experience, hardware component and innovation they did...insight videos were really amazing. Then this motherboard issue...Even though so far i have not seen in my phone bht still upset me a lot as i choosed this device what a lot study.

What now i want to know is the road map and asus plannings like what they are actually doing on ground to improve their existing and future phones like oneplus recently released a video highlighting how their new machines helping them to improve cameras and other things. All this things attract new customers as well retain exsisting one. how asus working on different department to improve them like camera, testing, ui, fireware updates etc. Maybe quaterly a blog/video.

I treat my phone as investement not just a piece of nonsense brick.

And last note always remember...new innovation takes u 10 steps ahead and nobtimely updates 2steps back but hardware failures 25 steps back so be carefull what u release in form of hardware and software.


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