can we still expect some major improvement for camera? ca not see any after .156

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@CH_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @Titan_ASUS .156 fireware has the major camera improvement after that i do not see anything. .167 was major but it was pulled so i can count that. Later firewares .174, .189, .191 no camera improvements.

so can we expect something major in future?

hope to get reply


  • Do you mean feature-wise?

    We constantly fine tune the camera but most times the difference between FOTA and FOTA is too small to mention in the firmware notes.

  • @Anders_ASUS yes feature wise...can u share plan for camera updates...i know u are not authorized but just few hints. will it be part of android 10 or if we are get something in between?

    Also just few question on firewares...mine is indian unit and .193 is not for IN but still i got ota via phone update setting so for which IN is it applicable?

    I set my night more to sunset and sunrise but to my surprise phone did not comeout of night mode even after few hrs of sunrise and i have to manually disable that.

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    .193 can work for India. The wording that India is excluded on our web page is an error that will be fixed.

    I've seen reports of Night mode Automatic being a little buggy on several brands. I haven't tried it with Android Q but hopefully it has improved

  • We definitely need some improvements,one plus 7's camera is way better compared to its release i also would expect something like that

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