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I know the Mobile Manager since the Zenfone 2 and I would like to talk about one of its feature : "antivirus".

1. I have never seen an alert on my phone saying that I have some infected files (EICAR test file). Why don't we use that partnership with Avast to analyse the internal storage ?

2. Is there a way to plan this security scan ? Because the Mobile Manager manages nothing if we have to do everything every time (I thought AI was the keyword of Zenfone now) !

SMS Protection ? Never seen ... The EICAR files I send to myself are received without any alert ...

I have already noticed the of lost of this protection system in 2017 :


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    Android runs separate applications in sandboxes via JavaVM. You can't just execute a random file like on Windows or standard Linux distros which makes such detection unnecessary. Mobile antiviruses have nothing in common with their PC versions. They are lightweight but due to limited system access they can't do more than virus itself and all they do is monitoring for common scamming in various apks. Antivirus protection is 100% optional and won't make a difference as long as you use your brain when installing anything from unknown sources.

  • 1. Avast itself gives me an alert when I download the eicar test file. Without the app installed, I think we can have, at least, something that analyse what you are downloading ...

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