What if I will buy rog phone 2 in other European country ?

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Hello all,

Just a quick question. I've got an opportunity to buy rog phone 2 in different European country than I'm live. Basically I'm live in UK and I can buy phone in Poland. And my question is how the warranty will work ? Or maybe it is worth to wait for phone to come out in uk ?

Just need to add that we cant pre order phone in uk. And the answer from asus uk is we don't know when the phone will be released in uk, maybe December.....

Thank you


  • I've asked our European team this question, let me get back to you when I hear from them.

  • I'm interested in that too. I live in the Netherlands and could buy in Hungary or Belgium.

  • The answer unfortunately is no. The policy in Europe is country specific for service. If you buy the phone in Poland, you would need to contact Support in Poland for warranty service. If you contacted UK Support it would appear as an out of warranty repair for them.

    My recommendation would be to wait until the phone is available for purchase in the country you will be living in to avoid any headaches. At this time I have yet to see any ROG Phone II's with a global warranty.

  • Thank you for your reply. What a shame ... I need to think about it then, I don't really want to wait till december to buy it. ? I will wait till monday/tuesday maybe it will came out in uk if not I probably will buy it in poland. I case if any brake down I will go back to to poland again... but anyway thank you for clear answer!!


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