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Can u guys provide special NFC asus pay app like samsung pay.

It would be great.

Thank you


  • I see quite a few problems with what you're asking for:

    -Would you really need another payment service that does almost the same thing? (It's already too many of them)

    -I don't think any major bank would be willing to add and maintain another payment method

    -Asus would have to invest real money in system security and they'd probably never make it profitable

  • Does Singapore have google pay?

  • Yeah i know there are many apps for payment but none for NFC support

  • Probably because you're from India right? In other countries, most payment apps use NFC. In India and China, they don't and this is why NFC hasn't become as big as it could have by now.

    We're not going to have ASUS PAY because there's no point. Google Pay (which uses NFC) doesn't have support with all the banks even though they're Google. Only the biggest most powerful IT companies can pull off a service like this WW.

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