Twin apps not working at all

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I use ROG phone 2 when I try to use twin apps it just show me this

I have some apps but it still say the same thing no supported app installed

I already installed whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, facebook

What should I do to fix this .... Ples need some help here ...?


  • Hi

    I am assuming you have also bought a Chinese Tencent model with "International ROM / Global ROM" preloaded by the reseller?

    This combination is not something we support or sell officially and as such there can be many related issues.

    We are not able to provide any support for this.

  • How I know if it's custom ROM or of official one

  • Private message me your serial number and I can double check the hardware on the device for you.

    1. Check the backside of your phone. Does it say Tencent anywhere?
    2. Check Settings-> System -> About Phone

    Look for "Software information" and check the firmware version , if it is "WW_" you most likely then have a Chinese phone with the non-chinese software , preloaded by certain resellers..

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