Camera and speakers acting weird

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I got this phone for about a week ago, and this phone is amazing. But there are some problems that I don't think matters too much, but I would like to hear an answer to:

1: I've seen people complain about this before, the camera module gets hot when used to take pictures and videos especially at 4k60fps, red colours looks more pink and the camera gets very noisy when the phone vibrates.

2: I found out this myself, when the phone is charging, the bottom speaker gets louder when the phone lies vertically with the buttons down for some reason. If I flip it vertically with the buttons up or horizontally, the upper speaker gets louder. This happenes everytime I play videos or music or even games.

As I said, this is not something I really care about and I can live with it, but it would be nice to hear.


    1. The camera is doing 60fps in 4K with EIS which is VERY demanding on the camera module and creates a lot of heat. Because the enclosure is small and made out of metal, you notice this more easily than on other phones. We're always looking at how we can improve the performance and this includes colors. There's not much we can do to the camera vibration on some surfaces. Sometimes it sounds more because the camera is loose and you can improve this by pushing the camera retract button.
    2. We can't duplicate this. Maybe the video/song you tested this with, has different gain on left & right channel which changes when you turn your phone
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