Camera is not flipping in WhatsApp

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Camera unit is not flipping in WhatsApp when taking a picture. The picture just gets inverted and I have to manually flip the camera with the toolbar in the navigation menu. Why's this happening it was working correctly before WhatsApp's last update. Anyone else having the same problem?


  • for me, it takes long time to flip back camera on whatsupp and instagram or facebook.

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    On every other app it's flipping normally as it does in the camera app.

    But the problem is in WhatsApp only, the camera doesn't flip at all but the image is inverted as it would be if the camera had flipped but the camera module doesn't flip and I've to manually do it with the toolbar in nav menu.

  • I'm talking about flipping from back camera to front not the other way around.

  • Is no one else having the same issue or is it just me?

  • I don't have the issue you're describing.

    You may try and see if your issue is solved by clearing your whatsapp storage.

    Long-press your whatsapp icon and press the app info button (i with a circle in the top right corner). Press Storage & memory and Clear storage.

    If this doesn't help, then try clearing the storage for your camera app as well.

    And if that doesn't help then maybe you could try and uninstall the app and then install it again.

  • I've tried everything you've said but it just doesn't work.

    It's only been like this since the last WhatsApp update. Before that it was working normally.

  • Let's hope it goes back to normal with the next update. Without being able to replicate your issue, I can't be of much help. Sorry :/

  • Yeah it's working normally after the latest update.

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