Asus 6z: Factory pre-installed firmware update

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Does ASUS planning to release new batch of 6z phone with all firmware updates (.167, .191, etc.) pre-installed at factory level so that customers don't have to face problems of going to service center now and then and wait till the issues related to firmware update are resolved.

I see that customers are at trouble with the phone after firmware update. And its requiring a motherboard change.

Kindly let us know if this is being thought upon as it is affecting my 6z purchase decision.


  • Hi, the firmware has nothing to do with the auto restart issues that you have read about. It's just a coincidence that some units have started restarting after an update. It could just as well have happened during web browsing. We might have more cases in connection to an update than web browsing but that has more to do with an update being more demanding on the hardware just like a benchmark will be more demanding.

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  • Sir, this has definitely to do with the update as there are lots of guys who are facing the same problem after the updates and same is the case with me. So first provide a stable update so that we can trust in this brand for any future relationship.

  • I have replied the same comment here

    This is the truth so I hope you can accept.

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