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I use the "Scheduled Charging" but I'm concerned with this :

Is it normal that 2 hours before the end time, it is already charged to 100% ?

My pattern :

I plug at 10% at 11pm

Scheduled from 9pm to 8:30am

The battery charge reach correctly 80% then it "stops" correctly

It's 100% at 6am so I decide to unplug.

I know that normally the phone doesn't charge anymore at 100% but it is a lot 2 hours before the planned end time !


I post that because when I see this post on the previous ZenTalk :


Europe phone with WW .189

Mobile manager



  • Then just move ending time a bit forward :)

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    Alright, but it is still charged at 100% 2 hours before that ending time moved forward ?‍♂️ !

    I just wake up in the night to look how's my phone and seeing it charged fully long before the planned time makes me intrigued ...

  • i have faced similar issue.. mobile gets fully charged before the scheduled end time..

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    Look, for a Schedule of 5pm to 9pm, I reach 100% at 7pm !

    Btw, the PowerMaster's notification has disappeared ...

    Is there a minimum percentage I must have before using that "Dynamic charge" ? Do I have the good procedure ? The informations given by this battery care are truly incomplete ? ...

    What does it mean to have good charging habits ? Is it because I'm used to charge it after shower ?! Is that what "good habit" is for ? ?

  • Yeah, I think this stripped-down version of battery care leaves a bit to be desired. If you don't have a notification and you didn't block it that means it will not limit charge level. 'Good habit' means keeping the phone at 100% for as short period of time as possible I guess. However it should also consider reaching high charge level too

  • This is part of the "Artificial Intelligence" introduced since ZenUI 5 but it seems too intelligent that I don't really understand the process of that automatic charge : at this time, it looks really like a normal charge.

    (Like Smart audio, I always have the max Level SOUND of my ringtone in my room ?)

  • They have included a half baked feature... And don't expect it to get fixed anytime soon.

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    I've spoken about this but for the sake of information....the feature is smoke and mirrors. It's nothing. The way you save your battery? UNPLUG IT! Micro-charging is the issue. If the phone is trying to keep you at 80%, 100%, 50%, 60%, whatever, when it dips below that point, charging happens again. Current and heat. If you lost 5-7% overnight, how many restarts would that equal overnight? The AI charging is a farce, but it sounds good on the surface. I'm not saying it's intentional as I'm sure marketing aren't on top of battery charging technology and what really goes on. Slow charging? That's still current and heat over a longer period. It would in my mind make sense to charge fast, get it over with rather than getting that heat and current over a longer period of time.

  • @MisterSavage I guess I have to remind it - so-called "micro-charging" could be an issue for devices connected all month or so. Battery is not supposed to lose such charge over a few hours of doing nothing to get recharged. Bear in mind that any kind of charging near 100% level will degrade battery several times more than on 80%. I approve the idea of limited charging but that should be up to user whether to limit at 80%, 90% or 95%.

  • It's normal that it can reach 100% already two hours before the set time. It really depends on how much time it has to charge between when you plug it in and the set end time. The important thing is that it's not at 100% the entire night. If you sleep for 8 hours, then without scheduled charging, you would have fast charge for 2 hours and 6 hours at 100%. With schedule you only have 2 hours at 100%

    We read all your comment. The feedback is appreciated and we're already discussing how we can improve Scheduled charging with more features.

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    I'm not trying to hijack this thread. I want to clarify the AI charge technology. If the phone keeps you at 80%, when it gets there, it would shut off charging and there would be no current. However, as EVERYONE knows, a battery will drop/discharge overnight. When in this case it drops below 80%, then the AI would activate charge to get back to 80%. The AI would not let the phone dip to 79%, 78%, etc would it? Again, micro-charging is the issue. If the AI charging does nothing to reduce micro-charging then the best option for everyone is to plan better and NOT leave your phone plugged in. Yes, on any device in 2019 they don't charge when they get to 100%. However most every device will dip below 100% and thus, charging will occur, repeatedly until you unplug it. I don't know how else to explain it. I'm not suggesting ASUS is being disingenuous about AI charging, but it isn't a solution to improve your battery life-span. If ASUS decides to charge up to 80% and then not activate until it's ready to get you to 100%, then that may be a decent solution. However I don't believe it works this way and perhaps it never could work so that maintaining a set % could be avoided.

  • @MisterSavage I understand what you're saying but it's an oversimplification. Well-designed battery controller will allow the voltage to drop after charging is finished while reported battery percentage is the same. Good battery without power draw shouldn't drop overnight more than 1%. All of this is engineered to prolong battery lifespan and to avoid excessive charging cycles. Asus is trying to eliminate another wearing factor - keeping high charge for a long time.

  • I've had many mobile phones as I'm sure you have. 3-4% is about an average overnight. You put yours in airplane mode? LOL. You put yours in battery saver mode?

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    I don't do anything. Remember the phone is still connected to a charger so it can draw all power from it without draining battery. In such case, energy loss in battery should be minimal. It's not like when charging stops phone draws 0mA. It can still use it, just not for the battery.

  • Micro-charging isn't ideal but it's much less destructive at 80% than 100%. I don't know the details but our engineers found that the pros of keeping the battery at 80% is better than cutting power and let it drop for several hours and then charge from there to 100%.

    Is it possible to improve our Scheduled charging? Of course and we're already discussing it.

  • Could you guys also make it a bit clearer what exactly the times mean? i.e. does "start" mean when the beginning of when you want it to go to 100% or is "end" the goal? i.e. if I go to bed at midnight and wake up at 7:30, which way do I set the times to have it be gradual overnight and ready at 7:30 with 100%?

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    Do you actually think that leaving the current active over a longer period of time, even if it's "gradual" is a good idea? So you want to keep your phone warmer over a longer period of time and call this battery care?

    Micro-charging isn't ideal? Less destructive at 80%? LOL. Defensive much? I know it's hard to advise against the AI that has already been marketed, but the TRUTH of the matter is this.

    If you want to elongate your battery, charge your phone from a mid-point, not from zero and unplug it when it fully charges. That's it. It's not disputable unless you have an ulterior motive like say, a "feature" AKA selling point.

  • @MisterSavage here you have everything explained why micro charging is not a thing in modern Li-Ion batteries. It's based on real scientific research, not an interpretation of interpetation. Leaving phone or laptop charging at 100% is not a problem itself, however reducing maximum charge to 80% reduces one of major battery wearing factors. Others are:

    -storing batteries with high voltage levels(optimum ~40%);

    -DoD - Deep of Discharge - a big difference between charge level in single charging cycle (less is better);

    -high temperature (>50°C);

    -draining charge level to 0% (too low voltage).

    Keeping a device connected isn't a real factor.

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    Whatever buddy. People believe in flat earth too, so what's your point? People are free to do dumb things. People can micro-charge their battery over the next year or two then complain why the battery drains so fast. People can choose to do dumb things like listen to marketing features or features that aren't really beneficial but sound great on paper. People can be dumb. Most of us live in a free country and can do it willfully. Heat kills batteries. How to remove heat? Unplug the f'ing thing.

    As a company, rather than trying to improve this scheduled charging "feature", why not put more effort in figuring out inventory and manufacturing projections? The battery is moot if people can't buy the phone anywhere.

  • Uh whenever my phone is charged at 100%, my phone is not hot.

    The low Amperage adapted by the charger during a scheduled charge makes my phone free of warm ?‍♂️. I have zero complains about heating !

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