When I will get my phone or replacement or refund??

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For fluctuations and dark screen issue I visited nearest Authorised Asus Service Center....Baught on 14 August submitted to service center on 30 th August , they said in this condition motherboard has to replaced ... today on 15 the September I am in blank space...I work as App developer for a company on smartphone.. I sold old one to buy Asus 6z ...and now I don't know that, when I will get my phone back or replacement or refund... I am going to loose my job.. please tell me what to do ???? Asus India ??? Reply


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    1st of all beat yourself for purchasing from them. 2ndly make a promise not to buy asus ever again.

    And lastly, pray and hope for the best that your issue is resolved.

  • Hi,

    Can you please share me the RMA no. so that we can have a check on the same.

  • SRASINVHI1908300001

    They said today on 20 th Sep. ..till 5 p.m. I will get my phone back... let's see..

  • True.. they have very bad service and costomer care policies...but also, I am buying Asus phones since last 10 years ...this is the first time I got hardware isse... Still there is no analysis for the issue...I don't bland Asus but all the blame and accuses goes to ASUS INDIA....very very bad...

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