Asus 6z abnormal crashes very often and now not booting at all

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Hi all,

I'm using Asus 6z(flip camera) since 3 months. I've ordered the phone on the day of its release in India.

First month everything went wel.. But somewhere around jul 26 I've got an update and from that update I've been facing the issue of abnormal crashes.

The phone gets turned off abnormally. At first I've ignored this but now I'm running out of my patience. Today the phone got crashed abnormally nearly 10 times and finally now it is now even booting on. The boot loader got stucked at the ASUS logo since one hour and is no way turning on.

If anyone is also facing the same problem please let me know a solution for this one.

P.S. I'm also adding the image where the booting got stuck up.


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