my phone is little hot while charging the phone.

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my phone is little hot on back while charging the phone, but if it reaches 80% or 90% while charging, then it starts to cool down. is it normal?


  • each battery gets warm while charging

  • Hi, as indicated in the Manual, chapter 1 "Basics" :

    While charging, your ASUS Phone can become warm. This is normal, however, if your device becomes unusually hot, disconnect the USB Type-C cable from your device and send the device, including the AC power adapter and cable to an ASUS-qualified service personnel.

    To prevent any damage to your ASUS Phone, AC adapter, or USB Type-C cable. Ensure that the USBType-C cable, AC adapter, and your device are connected properly before charging.

  • OK, now I understand. I thought my phone has problem, cause it gets little hot back while charging.

  • If you don't want the phone to get hot while charging, use a 5V/1A adapter. If you still think that your phone is getting hot when charging (it's a problem/not normal), take your phone and adapter to the service center for testing.

  • If you room temp is 26 Celsius or below and you're not using your phone while charging, then it shouldn't need to cool down.

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